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About Cinefly

Create better stories

Cinefly is a media-tech company specialising in user-generated video content. Our platform lets you co-create video content with anyone, anytime and anywhere around the world.

Our products transform users into extraordinary storytellers.

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Professional Guides

Cinefly puts professionals storytellers and filmmakers in the palm of your hand. Our professional guides offer engaging tips for getting the most out of your experience, telling a great story and capturing the best shots.

We’ve got a Story for that:

With our customer portal you can request, select or create your own storyboard and then push it out to anyone, anytime and anywhere around the world to co-create video with you.

Data is the new oil

Underpinning our state of the art video platform is big-data analytics that lets you create stories with the highest potential for reach and engagement.

Point. Shoot. Create

Our platform fully automates post-production so all you need to do is point and shoot. Once you're done hit Create and within minutes your beautifully finished video is back for you to share online.

View. Download. Re-Use

Instantly source user-generated video content for your own branded content without the hassle of IP rights. You can also easily curate content and allow users to only share the videos you approve for release.

Extraordinary storytelling

With every storyboard you deliver on our platform our machine learning algorithms learn, grow and become smarter offering your creative teams amazing insights that lead to better and better stories.

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